The leading team


Pierre-André Uhlen

Chief Executive, UGolf

Pierre-André Uhlen joined UGolf in 1993 and he is now its Chief Executive.

Pierre-André Uhlen began his career at UGolf in 1993, at that time Nouveaux Golfs de France, as a trainee at Golf du Champ de Bataille, in Normandy. As of 1996, he occupied his first important position, as Deputy Director of Golf de Nancy-Pulnoy. He was then director of a private golf course on the Franco-Luxembourg border for two years before returning to NGF, in 2000, as Director of Golf de Metz.

In 2009, when UGolf was already a subsidiary of Groupe Duval, Pierre-André Uhlen was called to the Paris region to strengthen the head office teams. First as New Operations Director, he then become Deputy Chief Executive in 2011 and then Chief Executive in 2012.

Furthermore, Pierre-André Uhlen is a graduate of the International Academy of Golf de Montpellier. An excellent golfer (4 handicap), Pierre-André Uhlen is also a keen basketball player and runner.

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