Or values



AGILITY is central to our way of working. There are no immediate obstacles which could prevent us from quickly adapting to the reality on the ground and to the needs of our customers.

We are PRAGMATIC in all things, impervious to dogmas and to ready-made responses.

For us, belonging to a family group is a guarantee of being firmly rooted and enjoying stability which allows us to move forward with AUDACITY and to be able to propose innovative solutions because we are fast and flexible.

It is with DETERMINATION that we engage in each of our business lines. Impossible is not French! In fact, nothing stops us because we believe that everything is possible.



CREATIVITY is our driving-force. It is at the heart of our way of seeing life. For this, we LISTEN to our customers and the needs of the market, but we also listen to ideas.

We do not allow difficult circumstances to prevent us from thinking outside of the box to come up with new solutions. We are attentive and available, and wish at all times to remain open to others. Our imperative makes us want to be the first, but this will not result in us sacrificing our desire to remain simple and faithful to ourselves.

We dare to cultivate HUMILITY as a source of dialogue and a sign of our humanism.



We like SUCCESS, that of our teams, that of our employees, and of course that of our company and our customers. We take pleasure in DEVELOPING projects, visions, assets and regions. For this, we need to know how to assist our customers – at all times – and adapt – constantly.

ASSIST as a partner and not as a supplier.

ADAPT to find tailored solutions that force us to question our approach. We like our success to serve that of our customers too.

RESPECT for the customer is at the heart of our everyday work. We take care to ensure we fulfil all our quality, costs and time scale commitments. The continuous improvement of our performance is the key to the construction of a relationship of long-term trust forged with our customers.

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