Public-Private Partnerships(PPP)


Public-Private Partnerships are global contracts which associate, over the long term, a public entity (State, local authority) with a private partner, to complete a project in the general interest.

Public-Private Partnerships allow them to finance their public facilities within a logic of optimised and controlled overall cost.

By entrusting their property projects to Groupe Duval, local authorities choose a turnkey package (design, construction, maintenance, operation) and refocus their financial resources on their core activity.


Sports or recreation facilities are strategic and structural for local authorities. Through their planning, their location and reception capacity, they contribute to creating social cohesion within the local area and beyond and to its image and attractiveness.

Groupe Duval provides decision-makers with full knowledge of the needs and constraints of users and mastery of the economic and social performance objectives for sustainable programs.

A property project always has a strong impact on the local area and local officials appreciate the long-term reasoning of the Groupe Duval, at the scale of the city and not only of the building. This cross-cutting approach to property is an acknowledged benefit.

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