An economic development player in the regions, Groupe Duval works on large urban projects, and participates, in consultation with local elected officials, to urban development to create the city of tomorrow.

Specialised in real estate, we are present in the entire value chain of these specific business lines, and our expertise covers those fields that are critical to a project’s success.


3,000,000 sqm
built in new developments
1,000,000 sqm
in assets
€17 billion
of assets under management

A national real estate developer

The Duval Group operates on the major real estate markets:

  • Retail facilities
  • Business premises
  • Accommodation units (individual)
  • Accommodation blocks
  • Specialist accommodation
  • Public facilities
  • Town centre mixed development

Its combination of skills and wide-ranging experience means Duval Group is very well placed to manage mixed, urban development projects and Public-Private Partnerships.

A decentralised management structure offers a number of advantages:

  • capacity throughout France,
  • in-depth knowledge of specifi c local and regional issues,
  • day-to-day relations with public and private decision-makers

By working in synergy with the Duval Group’s other entities, we are able to offer clients a turnkey development service. This incorporates all aspects of the real estate process, from design and construction, to investment, (through the group’s property companies), operation and management.

  1. Clients and partners benefit from the group’s turnkey development experience.
  2. An advantage for developing major projects and Public-Private Partnerships.


Offices in the Atlantique, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, Caribbean, Grand Ouest, Île-de-France, Méditerranée, Nord & Est and Occitanie regions have a fi rm grasp of local practicalities.

Managers use their knowledge of local issues daily to plan and develop urban, suburban and rural spaces in an economically sustainable way.

The Duval and Capelli family-run groups have combined their experience to create a new, jointly-owned subsidiary. This will reinforce our business position in the housing sector in the Aquitaine region.

Support : From development to commercialisation


Shopping centres and retail parks enhance urban areas and play a role in developing their economies. This is our area of excellence. New-build or renovation, extension or transfer, Duval Group ensures that these facilities fit perfectly in their surroundings. Our flow optimisation strategies work in favour of retailers, investors and local decision-makers.

To create well designed spaces (from retail areas to landscaping) that meet local needs, we place clients at the centre of our market research, merchandising plans and schedules. This approach makes our regions more attractive, and also responds to the wishes of local councils to achieve sustainable economic development.


Office developments raise two challenges:

  • For users, spaces need to be functional and reflect their image and values,
  • For investors, tertiary sector assets must respond to market needs. Comfort, control of operating costs and adaptability are essential for sustained profitability.

Whether building new, renovating or extending, Duval Group designs bespoke and adaptable offices, logistics platforms and business parks that reflect clients’ ambitions. Cost control, respect for deadlines and quality are central to the service.

Through synergies with other divisions within the Duval Group, we can offer a range of services (administrative and technical management, audit, certifi cation, etc). Public and private clients can therefore take advantage of a comprehensive package for their workspaces.


Our Group are experts in developing high-quality housing. These programmes are well-suited to our sites.

Our group has entered the serviced accommodation market to meet the needs of local authorities and a growing demand for new products.

On behalf of its investors (private and institutional), Duval Group develops family homes, tourist and business accommodation and serviced accommodation for seniors or students. Choice of site, enhancing indoor and outdoor spaces, architectural quality and landscaping are central to the approach. These factors are essential for providing sustainable housing in line with needs and expected development in the regions.


Mixed urban projects are usually initiated by local authorities as a response to economic and social development objectives. The Duval Group uses its expertise with all types of asset to offer comprehensive packages that reconcile urban quality, practicality and environmental integration.

  • Whatever the project (housing, retail, offices, public facilities), the Duval Group provides local authorities with long-term support in areas such as planning, works completion, and financial and legal packages.
  • Depending on needs, the Duval Group can act as investor (through its property companies), developer or manager, providing an extra guarantee of lasting quality.

Public-private partnerships

Providing public facilities (health, defence, law, health, sport, etc) while optimising investment is a major challenge for local authorities and the government. The Duval Group can find ways to help incorporate additional sources of private income such as shops and services to reduce the net cost burden.


Public-Private Partnerships are overall, long-term contracts between public representatives (government, local authority) and private partners. They are used to develop projects of general interest. Public-Private Partnerships are a way to finance public facilities while optimising and controlling overall costs.

Local authorities working with the Duval Group can take advantage of a turnkey service (design, execution, maintenance, operation) and focus their financial resources on their core activities.


Sport and leisure centres are strategic and key for local authorities. Their location, programmes and facilities contribute to the social fabric of an area and its image and attractiveness.

The Duval Group fully understands user needs and constraints and economic and social performance objectives.

A development project will always have a strong impact on an area and local leaders appreciate that the Duval Group thinks long-term in relation to the town and not just the building. This integrated approach is a recognised advantage.

Public-private partnerships



The Duval Group’s real estate policy has been built around its core business of retail and shopping. It has also invested in industrial and office premises, tourist accommodation, golf courses and Public-Private Partnerships. Its aim is to increase the value of its real estate portfolio and expand this by acquiring and developing assets throughout France.

EURIVAL : Eurival is an investment vehicle for 300,000 sqm of tertiary sector assets, primarily logistics.


The Imfined Group manages assets for third parties through a portfolio asset management vehicle, authorised and monitored by the AMF [French financial market regulator].

VALMI : Valmi is an investment vehicle set up in partnership with the Caisse d’Epargne. It has a retail asset portfolio worth almost €100 million.


The Duval Group structures and carries out property transactions, mainly in retail and shopping real estate, for third parties and for the Group’s pipeline.

BATIGNOLLES : In Paris, in the new Cardinet-Batignolles district in the 17th arrondissement, we have a 10,700 sqm retail development at the exit of the Pont Cardinet Metro station.


The Group’s highly diversified asset portfolio has the major advantage of an optimised risk/return ratio.

The Duval Group focuses on four categories of real estate asset:

Retail & Shopping
Shopping Centers
Retail parks
Office & Related
Logistics and Industrial Sites

Leisure & Seniors
Holiday Accommodation
Serviced Accommodation
Golf Courses
2 %

Government Bodies
5 %

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