We have developed an entrepreneurial approach to financing innovation, in particular in the digital field, which appears to us to be essential at a time when the digitisation of our business sectors is expanding all the time.

Since 2012, our Group has chosen to adopt a strategy based on innovation. Never has our competitive environment evolved so fast. At the same time, never have as many start-ups been created in France (almost 2,000 each year in Paris). We could not remain on the sidelines of this movement.

Our equity participation shows our commitment to digital projects and is consistent with the digital and innovation transformation strategy of our Group.

It also allows our group to speed up its capacity for innovation in all its business lines by positioning itself closely to entrepreneurs and start-ups.


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Lydia, the payment app that the French prefer: currently, we still have to use different payment methods according to the situation: cash at the baker’s, a cheque at the doctor’s, a bank card for online purchases, bank transfer to pay back a friend… It is not practical and often frustrating. What stops us from having a single payment method, that is simple and universal, which allows us to pay in any situation? There is no justification that in the era of the Internet, smartphones and the “cloud”, we still have to pay with metal coins and paper cheques. That is why Lydia was created in 2013. The objective: to be able to pay for everything simply, quickly and securely with something that we always keep with us: our phone..

Nightswapping is a system of swapping nights between private individuals which can significantly reduce our holiday budget (by around 66%!). How does Nightswapping work? The principle is simple: by putting up a holidaymaker in your home, you earn a “quota of nights” that you can then use to go on holiday and stay with another private individual.

SmartAngels finances new enterprises with no banking intermediaries. This platform has already provided funding for nearly 50 companies for a total amount of more than EUR 25 million from over 25,000 investors, both private individuals and professionals.

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