happy senior


The Duval Group’s Happy Senior residences off er an original housing solution to elderly people who want to live independently. This new concept enables elderly people in good health to live independently (in accommodation offering everyday services and high-level support) and to retain and increase the value of their own properties.

The service is based on 3 fundamental principles:

  1. Providing a service accessible to senior citizens on average pensions. 80% of people aged 55 and above own their main home. Happy Senior manages their properties while they are living in serviced accommodation. The rental income generated fi nances all or part of their stay. This original approach enables seniors to maintain a good standard of living.
  2. Providing services that respect the autonomy of seniors. Everything has been thought of to make life easy: 1 room and 3 room fl ats, comfortable shared spaces (from restaurants to the latest generation healthcare facilities) and many everyday services.
  3. Locations in the town center or immediately outside and near to services such as shops, transport and leisure facilities.

For more information: http://residencehappysenior.fr/

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