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Over nearly 20 years, Alamo has developed in a project management culture within the Duval Group to offer perfect technical control of the administrative and financial aspects of real estate operations. Alamo assists its private and public clients in the development and management of their construction and renovation projects and restructuring real estate.

Alamo works alongside its clients by offering a variety of services: auditing, consulting, project management assistance and delegated or turnkey project management.

Alamo has developed its expertise and know-how in over 2 million m² of transactions and operates in all major real estate markets.

Our teams are committed to gaining a proper understanding of our clients’ needs so as to provide tailor-made solutions and local access to our regional agencies.

The strength of Alamo? – We offer expertise in the various construction trades to our clients and their projects. Adaptation, commitment and strong proposals are the values that shape our client relationships.


Matthieu Gazu
Head of Alamo

Expertise and precision at your service

Our added value is the conscientiousness we exercise in monitoring operations and delivering completed projects: innovation, architecture, design and urban planning, feasibility studies, programming, construction economics, environmental optimization, technical and regulatory monitoring, management systems and quality.

For each operation, a dedicated contact person coordinates and ensures direct and rapid communication with clients. Alamo's human structure allows us to be close and responsive to our clients.

Proactivity, innovation, conscientiousness and independence are our fundamental values. In all circumstances, we ensure that deadlines, costs, quality and sustainable performance are controlled, by anticipating and managing project risks.

Renovation and refurbishment of the Palatin II & III offices, La Défense (92)

Project management (AMO)

Our technical know-how

Audit & consulting

Feasibility studies, due diligence, programming studies, space planning and optimization of sustainable performance and merchandising plans are all decision-making tools we offer to support our clients in their real estate valuation strategy.

Renovation and restructuring of the Musée de la Poste, Paris (75)

Project management (AMO)

Project management & valuation

We carry out tailor-made assignments according to the level of delegation required by our clients: AMO/MOD. In addition to technical, administrative and financial management, we ensure that the project owner's objectives are met, and that the operation is secure and optimised by taking a strong role in the management and coordination of all parties involved.

Renovation of 5 floors of the Europlaza Tower, La Défense (92)

Project management (MOD)

Investor assistance

We assist our clients in the acquisition of real estate assets in sale on completion (VEFA) or patient capital (CPI) in order to preserve their interests and control their investments. We ensure the quality and conformity of the works, from the preliminary analysis to the follow-up of studies and construction phase.

Construction of a hotel residence, Courbevoie (92)

VEFA follow-up

Turnkey projects delivered

As the sole contact and party responsible for the project, we are committed to the quality/cost/deadline triangle. Thanks to short decision-making and project organisation circuits, and on the basis of a single contract, the client is freed from project management of unforeseen difficulties and can focus on the essential: the result and success of his operation.

Restructuring of a shopping centre into an occupied site, Toulouse (31)

Project management (MOD)

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Construction of a commercial real estate complex, Paris (75)
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Construction of an office complex, Nantes (44)
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Construction of an office building in VEFA, Villeneuve-d'Ascq (59)
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Construction of a multiplex and commercial spaces, Nîmes (30)
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Renovation of a hospital centre, Aix-en-Provence (13)
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Shopping centre upgrade, Marly-le-Roi (78)
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