Supporting innovation

An innovation strategy

As part of our innovation strategy, five years ago our Group set up an investment structure whose purpose was to acquire minority stakes in companies with strong development potential in the start-up phase.

Our portfolio currently consists of around twenty investments operating in diverse economic sectors: finance (Fintech), art (Artech), real estate (Proptech), B2B and B2C applications, retail, fashion and beauty, etc. These companies are closely and regularly monitored by our investment teams.

Our strategy is based on active and sustainable support for our investments and an alignment of interests between all stakeholders. We are long-term partners and support managers in their ambitious projects to create value and build sustainable competitive advantages in France and abroad.

We provide entrepreneurs with tailor-made support both in the Group's traditional businesses, thanks to which we can offer strong expertise and proven added value, as well as in various economic sectors with disruptive business models. Our partnerships are based on a reactive approach to accelerate the growth of investments according to their specific needs. Our investor DNA is essentially entrepreneurial and based on the family experience of our Group and its ability to constantly renew itself.

Growth, diversification and regular support

For our Group, the challenge is twofold. First, it is a question of pursuing our push toward growth and diversification in order to improve the creative potential of our various business lines while also generating new opportunities for value creation. Indeed, this investment business gives us a chance to actively monitor market trends and new business models that could be a source of inspiration for our historical businesses.

Second, we want to share the entrepreneurial passion we experience every day with young companies that take risks and have the courage to imagine the world of tomorrow. We offer companies we support access to our high quality support services (legal, communication, HR). Our support staff thus interacts with with dynamic and eager managers, generating sensitivity for innovation and open minds. Disseminating start-up culture within our Group contributes to the continual renewal of our own corporate culture.

Shared values and ambitious projects

We provide regular support to companies by putting our expertise at the service of ambitious projects and entrepreneurs who share our vision and inspire us in turn. Together, we grow their business by creating synergies between our respective activities. For us, investing is not just about financing. It is about building the future.

Passionate enthusiasm, clear ambition and a desire to support the entrepreneurs who will shape society: the leaders of Groupe Duval have a shared vision and values. They are now living them out within the family holding company. At Duval, we have set out to write beautiful stories of companies and entrepreneurs based on mutual trust and sharing.

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